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Dylan was born in Vancouver, BC, and has been an actor since he was four years old. Over the years he has gained a great deal of experience working on a wide variety of projects. Most recently, Dylan was cast in Shaftesbury's "Ruby and The Well" seasons 1 and 2 as Sam Price. In 2021, Dylan played Young Clark Kent in CW's Superman and Lois. Additionally, Dylan had previously been cast as Luca in The 100 season 7 and as Sam Thomas in Netflix's The Baby-sitters Club. He also portrayed Steve Murphy and Evan Gallico on ABC's "The Good Doctor." In 2017 he was cast in the Netflix Original Series, "A Series of Unfortunate Events," as Duncan & Quigley Quagmire - playing two of the three Quagmire triplets.

Outside of acting, Dylan is passionate about travel and foreign culture. Aside from his native English, he is proficient in French, Spanish, and Italian. He also loves hockey, having played all throughout his childhood.

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